* Several days after your dispenser and FREE trial refill pack arrives, we’ll send you a text about your first refill subscription. Respond to edit, or cancel altogether! If you love your dispenser, keep it! We’ll charge $29.95 to your card when your next refill pack ships (or 2 weeks after your disenser arrives, whichever is first). Don’t love it, let us know via text and send it back in the same box within 2 weeks - we won’t charge you another penny. It’s called a trial for a reason! Oh, and the 45 treats that come with your dispenser & the trial refill pack of 90 treats - they’re yours, free of charge, whether you keep your dispenser or not! Enjoy!!



Your First Roll, Free!
Just pay $3.95 shipping.

Free Roll

Portable, healthy, bite-sized!
coin-sized treats per roll
wrapped in earth-friendly eco paper*
great flavors to choose from
*Greaseproof and biodegradable

Take your treats wherever you go

Just pop them in your pawket!

Take your treats wherever you go

Just pop them in your pawket!

Good For your dog

Human-grade collagen peptides are the first ingredient! They’re great for joints, digestion and a healthy coat.

Good for the environment

Unlike traditional aluminum foil or plastic roll wraps, we use a biodegradeable, eco-friendly paper that’s also greaseproof!

dog-head dog-tail

Good for you

Zero crumbs in your pocket while still being the most-loved human at the dog park ;)

Say goodbye to crumb-filled pockets

No crumbs, no plastic bags, just awesome treats wrapped in eco-friendly greaseproof paper.

Flexible text-based subscription

Our text-based subscription makes it easier than ever to edit, pause or cancel via text. No emails clogging your inbox or passwords to remember.

The world's most portable dog treats

Delivered to your doorstep!

eco friendly paper

Hands down, OUR environment comes first - so we sourced a greaseproof AND biodegradable paper.

no more crumby pockets

Gone are the days when your phone jack, fingernails and wallet are filled with crumbs from your old dog treats.

Just txt us :)

We designed a hassle-free reordering experience for when you need treats most - just send us a text!