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* Several days after your dispenser and FREE trial refill pack arrives, we’ll send you a text about your first refill subscription. Respond to edit, or cancel altogether! If you love your dispenser, keep it! We’ll charge $29.95 to your card when your next refill pack ships (or 2 weeks after your disenser arrives, whichever is first). Don’t love it, let us know via text and send it back in the same box within 2 weeks - we won’t charge you another penny. It’s called a trial for a reason! Oh, and the 45 treats that come with your dispenser & the trial refill pack of 90 treats - they’re yours, free of charge, whether you keep your dispenser or not! Enjoy!!



Absolutely! Just send us a text at (818) 873-2863
We believe that text-based communication is the easiest way to answer your questions. You can send us a message, place an order, edit your subscription - or even just send us a photo of your pup - all when it's most convenient for you! Think of us as your friend, your friend with a ton of dog treats!
All our rolls are wrapped in a unique greaseproof AND biodegradable paper that is 100% paper pulp - no wax, no plastic, no metal - and the ink we use is an environmentally conscious water-based UV pigment. To us, the environment is #1. We built this company so that we could always have treats on us when we're OUT with our dogs - exploring the wonders of this world with our 4-legged companions. Historically, products designed for portability introduce more waste into the world, but not with us. We swam upstream to find a wrapping material that's NOT full of plastic, wax or metal, and we're incredibly proud to offer this paper to you.
Each recipe starts with a super-premium human grade peptide (the building blocks of life!) including Salmon Collagen Peptides (in the Smoked Salmon recipe), Peanut Peptides (in the Peanut Butter recipe) and Powdered Pork Stock (in the Maple Bacon recipe). The second ingredient is always Carob Powder, a low-fat, low-sodium, high fiber superfood full of antioxidants and calcium that adds a rich aromatic smell to the treats. Following carob is Arrowroot and Tapioca powder, which are easy to digest and contain both potassium and iron. Last on the list are our natural flavors and rosemary extract to help with aroma and oxidation. The full guaranteed analysis for each recipe can be found next to the product above.